Sigma now certified for New Construction Inspections

Tarion logoPurchased a new home in Ontario? … we are now certified for Tarion Warranty and PDI inspections.

The New Construction Inspection Training Program (NCITP), a national initiative of the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAHPI, was launched earlier this year to improve inspection and reporting methods and reduce the growing number of consumer complaints related to newly constructed homes.

A new construction inspection addresses issues that are covered under the Tarion New Home Warranty in addition to deficiencies that are noted during a regular resale home inspection. This service has been developed specifically for assisting buyers of new homes with understanding their warranty coverage and the claims process. After a visual examination and testing of standard equipment in a newly built home, a written report is provided that includes Tarion warranty items, workmanship and materials issues and consistency with Code (although it is not a code compliance inspection).

The benefits to having a New Construction Inspection include advice on warranty coverage; assistance with completing the Statutory Forms; and third party impartiality, resulting in fewer disputes.