Stuff heats up before it blows up!

Infrared thermography has proven to be highly effective as a safe non-contact method of detecting various faults in electrical systems such as:

  • Switchgear in buildings and substations
  • Transformers
  • Power transmission lines
  • Distribution panels, circuit breakers and conductors
  • Computer and low voltage systems

IR image of faulty breakerEnergized components can be observed and assessed for excessive heat caused by loose connections, overloading or unbalanced loads, faulty breakers etc. Undetected, these electrical faults can pose a serious risk to life and property due to fires, explosions and electric shock, in addition to major costs resulting from power outages and repairs to damaged equipment.

Early detection of problems is critical so regular thermographic surveys should be an integral part of any facility’s predictive/preventative maintenance program.

Sigma can inspect all of your electrical systems and you will receive a written report detailing any concerns  and recommendations.  All of our thermographers are certified to ASNT’s requirements and trained in electrical arc flash safety. We use appropriate equipment for the job, including high resolution cameras and approved PPE. Our inspection procedures adhere to the guidelines of NMS022723, ASTM E1934 and  CSA Z462.

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